Skills Required For The Job

While HVAC technicians may have great mechanical skills, their customer service skills are just as important. They must be able to maintain records accurately and efficiently, and they must also be comfortable troubleshooting and asking questions to the owners of the property. They also need to know the basics of electrical systems and HVAC controls. Additionally, they must know all safety rules related to working around electrical sources. The skills necessary to work in the HVAC repair industry are many and varied.

A good resume will emphasize education and the skills necessary for HVAC repair. It should include the years of training and any training that is critical to the position. For instance, the education section should list trade school attended and the duration of experience in the HVAC field. Including the years of experience will show that the professional can apply the knowledge he or she has learned. If the employer is looking for experience, this will be of great help. However, a resume is just as important as a job description.