Who are we?

In April 2004, Turkish Cypriots were very hopeful when showing their strong support for the referendum for the Annan Plan which was held simultaneously both on the South and the North that it would provide a comprehensive solution for the Cyprus problem. However, the referendum failed to get the support of the Greek Cypriots and could not be put forward. The Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation (TCHRF) was thus established in February 2005, following this period by 52 Turkish Cypriots from different professions who were determined to address fundamental human rights issues as well as providing a contribution for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem and the human rights violations that arose as a result.


Our Vision
To work towards developing the concepts of the rule of law and human rights ưn the northern part of Cyprus.

To contribute to the establishment of a federation that is to be established following the solution of the Cyprus problem and work towards organising it towards a state based on human rights and the rule of law.

To defend the individual and communal rights of all the inhabitants of the northern part of Cyprus and to provide support to all victims of human rights violations.


Our Objectives
The protection and defence of fundamental human rights, the freedom of thought and expression, the rights and interests of the individuals in relation to their social, cultural, ethical, religious, sexual or political groups.

To take all necessary steps against injustice, discrimination, illegality, inhumanity and all kinds of ill treatment which is incompatible with human dignity.

To work towards the protection of human rights, to develop the concept of human rights according to contemporary norms, and to raise awareness.

To provide press-releases, PR, awareness campaigns, lobby work, conferences, seminars, scientific meetings, to assist any legal initiatives including lawsuits.

To follow the human rights violations within both sides of Cyprus.

To carry out all forms of internal and foreign contacts, visits, correspondences and meetings; to prepare reports, carry out research and prepare social and cultural activities related to the issues and fields of legal, social, cultural, intellectual, art related, environmental, medical, physical, disabilities, gender, child, and family.


Our Work

Since May 2005, the TCHRF has been working from its headquarters in Nicosia towards its objectives while evaluating and finalizing the applications. It has also been following and collecting all relevant news articles related to TCHRF and European Union laws and writing comments. As well as the legal developments in the northern part of Cyprus, the TCHRF also closely follows and collects the court decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the court decisions of the Republic of Cyprus which are of a significant importance to human rights. TCHRF prepares awareness meetings as well as preparing reports and publications in order to raise awareness on human rights and the European Union Law.